La-Z-Boy Lies by J. Weld

Chapter 1

Still in uniform, Sheriff Jerome Jones sat snug in his La-Z-Boy chair, Scotch in hand, transfixed by what he saw on the three o’clock news. It was still hard to believe. Earlier that day, his ex-wife had murdered a man.

He took another sip. Cubes chilled his lips as he sucked mostly water from between them. His hand shook slightly.

Setting the glass down into the chair’s plastic cup holder, he whispered “Damn, Angie.”

All of this was going to bring the same unwanted attention as her court case. Everyone was going to wonder again if he was the bad guy that she said he was. If not that, they’d at least wonder why in the world he was ever married to such a crazy ass woman…

To read more: La-Z-Boy Lies by J Weld


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